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We had always dreamed of value-adding our grain by milling it ourselves but were never sure if anyone would be interested. Turns out they were. This is our paddock to plate story…

Just like micro brewing for beer we see ourselves as the micro millers for flour.  With our hand-crafted stone mill located on the farm, our high-quality, harvested grain goes directly from the paddock to the milling shed. Our flour is milled to order and is sold to bakers, chefs and home cooks keen to use the locally sourced, sustainably grown, single origin flour.

Dry Creek stone milled, single origin flour has a natural earthy flavour. It’s high in protein too making it perfect for bread and pasta making. It’s artisan flour at its best.

Riccardo Momesso

Melbourne Italian Chef

Dry Creek Milling Co came about out of frustration. As 4th generation grain producers we were tired of receiving poor prices on the open market for our quality grain. Other sectors of the agricultural industry had been value-adding for years but for a bulk commodity such as wheat, we weren’t sure if a niche market even existed.

However, as time went on, interest in single origin, stoneground flour started to grow as the potential health benefits in the flour that was less refined and retained nutrients otherwise lost in the commercial milling process was better recognized. Consumer interest in food provenance and traceability was also playing a big part.

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The Mill

The Stone Mill is a beautifully handcrafted machine imported from award winning stone mill manufactures in Austria.

The timber mill uses two 1 metre diameter naxos stones. This stone, which is composed of pressed corundum, emery, magnesite and magnesium, has a coarse grinding surface which does not have to be resharpened.

Because of the stone’s qualities, a somewhat grainier whole-meal flour is produced when large amounts are milled as the bran is of the same size as the rest of the flour.

What this all means is our stone milled flour, using these amazing stones and a slow revolution, allows the grain to be cold milled, ensuring the integrity and nutritional quality of the grain is upheld.

Flour available for purchase

For stockists please email mill@sharkeyfarm.com or for bulk order enquires contact Chris Sharkey M 0417 134 600

*2019/20 new season whole wheat flour – now available

With a dry growing season and no spring rain to finish the crop off it resulted in a lower than average yield. However, despite this the robust wheat variety withstood the dry finish and produced a high quality, high protein hard wheat perfect for baking delicious cakes, scones, pasta and sourdough.

Chris Sharkey

4th generation grain producer

For a pricelist and further details, contact Chris Sharkey

The secret to Dry Creek Milling Co is the passion of its people

The Farmer and the Baker

Hand selected grains are grown by a farming family who have nurtured the land for close to a century.

Once the grain is harvested it’s gently stone milled on the farm then baked locally by one of the region’s most talented young bakers.

Premium Stoneground Flour

Hand crafted artisan loaves are made using single origin, stone milled whole wheat, natural living sourdough culture, sea salt and filtered water. The process requires a long and gentle fermentation.

No artificial colours, flavours, additives or improvers. Grain is grown under a sustainable and regenerative farming system.

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